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Copywriting Work

Getting Under Your Skin

Words fascinate me. I could talk to you about them all day. But to begin with, I’d rather listen to the ones you’re using. I'd rather get to know a bit about you. So, before I write a thing, I usually spend a day (without charge) in a brand’s headquarters, speaking to as many different people as possible to get a detailed picture of who they are and how I can help.


One of the things I'm best at is helping brands find and develop their own tone of voice. From big, open-ended discussions about your brand’s philosophy and inspirations, right down to where you stand on semicolons, I can guide you through the process from start to finish, or jump in and out as required.


No Time For That? 

If you need a twenty four hour turnaround on a small job, I can do that too. Sometimes I can do it even quicker. With sixteen years' experience I can easily grasp an existing tone of voice and write the corresponding copy promptly, without any fuss.

Let Me Show You

The list of things I write includes features, emails, product descriptions, SEO copy, PPC ads, lookbooks, social media posts, brochures, customer magazines, direct mail, flyers, point of sale, advertorials and press promotions.

Please see below for examples of my work, visit my testimonial page, or get in touch if you would like me to create a free sample for you.


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