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sex education

This Sunday morning I found myself, as one often does, cradling a bottle of pig sperm. About this time last year our (then) five year old son, Bear, received his accidental sex education as the pigs started mating in front of him.  Well, since then we’ve got rid of the daddy boar and Andrew is now experimenting with artificial insemination. Seeing as though Bear’s sex education is mostly made up of what pigs do, I didn’t want him getting any funny ideas about how sex has moved on in the last year. A recap was necessary.

Me – So how do girls get pregnant?

Bear – A boy puts his willy up her bum…bit weird.

Me – Not quite.

Bear – A boy puts his willy up her vagina.

Me – Yes.

Bear – Awkward.

So there we go. He is now clear on the psychosocial elements of sex education too.

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